Key UK employment developments affecting the Aerospace & Defence industries

Beyond the immediate impact of the global pandemic it’s been an important time for employment law in the UK.  There have been a number of key developments around a wide range of issues from Brexit, TUPE, and Works Councils to ethics and the MeToo movements. 

Consultant Wolf Von Kumberg and Employment Partner Elizabeth look these developments and what they mean for businesses in the aerospace and defence industries, providing practical tips and guidance. The time stamp of each question is displayed below so that you can easily locate the subject you’re interested in.   

  • What is the starting point for UK employment law in the post Brexit world? (00:47)

  • To what extent if any will European employment law still play a role in influencing UK courts? (05:15)

  • What are the latest developments around non-compete agreements in the Defence industry? (08:13)

  • What’s happening with areas such as TUPE, which have a significant impact on Defence Contractors when they take over service contracts from either the MD or other contractors? (11:05)

  • When it comes to moving employees between different locations, what happens now that the UK is outside of the EU? (14:45)

  • What are the pitfalls associated with using personal service company contractors rather than employees? (19:41)

  • For European Works Councils that had their primary entity located in the UK, what are the latest developments? (24:14)

  • There have been a number of ethical workplace developments in recent years, particularly since the Harvey Weinstein case in the US. What have you seen happen in the UK? (27:39)

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