Legal considerations when launching a gym or fitness establishment

Fitness and wellness options in Singapore have been steadily rising thanks in large part to the growing awareness of the manifold benefits of health. This is reflected in the life choices that are now commonplace not just amongst the millennials and Gen Z, but the older population as well - diet, sports, wellness and leisure. Fitness and wellness are no longer the domain of a privileged few but a mainstream need. Riding on this wave are many global fitness and wellness brands which have already made their first forays into Singapore, and are in an expansionary mode. Interestingly, numerous boutique gyms offering unusual sporting or wellness activities are also springing up across the island. If you are one of those intending to capitalise on this growing fitness trend, we have provided in this article some preliminary information that may be of use to you before you launch your business. If you are already an existing player in this space, you may wish to ensure that you have your bases covered.

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