Competition Law in Asia Pacific: Highlights from 2018 and what's coming next in 2019

The enactment and enforcement of competition laws in the Asia Pacific region continues to grow. 2018 saw the maturation of many regulatory frameworks across the region and considerable growth in the level of enforcement activity being undertaken by the various regulators. The newer competition authorities on the block are now growing in sophistication and moving forward at considerable pace, whilst the more established competition regimes continue to push the boundaries of competition law in the enforcement of their laws by strengthening their institutions and the rules under which they operate. These developments will see matters of competition feature more regularly as key issues of concern for companies.     

Click here to read "Competition Law in Asia Pacific: Highlights from 2018 and what's coming next in 2019". This comprehensive review of Competition Law across the region covers developments in:

  • Australia;
  • China;
  • Hong Kong;
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia;
  • The Philippines;
  • Singapore;
  • South Korea; and

Compiled by our Asia Pacific Competition Team, in conjunction with a number of other firms across the region, the Year in Review is an easily digestible guide covering key developments in 2018 and those forecast for 2019. To discuss any of its content further, or for a wider discussion upon Competition Laws across Asia Pacific, please contact the relevant contact highlighted in the publication.


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