Status of ratification

Ratified, but the instrument of ratification has not been deposited yet.

Local or Regional CFI 

To be confirmed.
Currently the discussions are leaning towards setting up a local division in Ljubljana, rather than a regional one.
Ljubljana has been confirmed to host a patent mediation and arbitration centre (as well as Lisbon).

Location/Venue of CFI

Ljubljana (patent mediation and arbitration centre).
CFI - No information as yet.


No information as yet.


No information as yet.

UP/UPC implementing legislation

No information as yet.

Other UP matters of interest 

Slovenia signed the UPC Agreement's Protocol on provisional application (PPA) in October 2015, followed by the Protocol on Privileges and Immunities (PPI) in June 2017. It also passed a law ratifying the UPC Agreement in October 2016, however, as Slovenia has still not deposited its ratification instrument to the Council of the European Union yet, this renders it ineffective.

Twobirds contact 
Wouter Pors, Katharine Stephens, Michael Alt.

*Information for this country provided by Eva Gostiša of Jadek & Pensa, Ljubljana.