Status of ratification

Not yet. On March 30 2017 the Parliament of Latvia adopted the Law on the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court. The law will come in force on January 1 2018.

Local or Regional CFI 

Latvia will be part of the Nordic-Baltic regional division of the UPC with Sweden, Estonia and Lithuania (as established on 4 March 2014, read more on this on the related link below). The agreement will enter in to force when two of the states of the agreement, which has to include Sweden, have approved the agreement and ratified the UPC; the entry into force of this Agreement is dependent also on the entry into force of the UPC Agreement according to its Article 89.

Location/Venue of CFI

Schleegatan 7, 112 28 Stockholm, Sweden.


Two regional judges and one judge from the pool.



UP/UPC implementing legislation

On February 16 2017 the Parliament in the first reading supported the associated draft Law on Agreement for the establishment of the Nordic-Baltic Regional Department of the Unified Patent Court.

Other UP matters of interest 

The explanatory memorandum accompanying the bill on ratification of the Agreement on a Nordic-Baltic regional division states that cases allocated to Latvia (under the Declaration to the Agreement) may be heard in existing court facilities, although it does not clarify which facilities would be used. A possible candidate would be the Riga City Vidzeme District Court, which is currently deals exclusively with proceedings involving patent disputes in Latvia.

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*Information for this country provided by Andris Tauriņš of Sorainen, Riga.