Green Advertising & Sustainability in the Netherlands

14 October 2021

16:00 CET


We would like to invite you to the second webinar in our series on Green Advertising and Sustainability. The webinars will be relevant to international businesses located across the globe, with each exploring one particular jurisdiction. In this second webinar we will focus on the Netherlands.

In response to the increased importance of sustainability, many new laws and regulations are being introduced in this area and sustainability aspects will also play a role in the interpretation of existing rules in the Netherlands. This webinar spotlights:

  • The new Guidelines sustainability claims from the Dutch Authority for the Consumers and Markets (ACM). The ACM has announced that it will start enforcing misleading sustainability claims as early as this year on the basis of this Guideline - Lisette den Butter & Tessa van den Ende

  • The draft Guidelines on sustainability agreements, in which the ACM offers more room for cooperation between companies in the field of sustainability - Piet-Hein Eijssen

  • The legal intricacies of upcycling (the reuse of existing materials): a trend that is becoming increasingly mainstream given the development of a circular economy - Nina Dorenbosch

If there is a particular question you would like us to address during the webinar, please do let us know via mail in advance. 

Reminder first session on 28.09.2021: Green Advertising in Germany

Green advertising in Germany can be very successful, but it also comes under legal scrutiny. Competitors and NGOs are regularly checking green, eco, carbon and sustainability claims on the market. If the factual foundation of a claim is found to be lacking, cease and desist letters often follow. Please click here to register.


For any enquiries please contact Denise de Groot Heupner.

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