The Unified Patent Court (UPC) webinar series, The UPC: 1 Year On

When the UPC opened its doors for business almost one year ago, no one could really predict what this would mean for patent rights holders or the lawyers representing them.

Bird & Bird’s global patent team has been actively engaged in court proceedings since the first week and has been compiling its learnings from day one. As we approach the one year anniversary of the UPC opening, we invite you to join our team of international patent experts for the fourth instalment of our regular UPC update webinars. During this session, we will reflect on the past 12 months of UPC operations, delve into the significant developments of the last three months, and offer valuable insights into what we can expect to see in the near future.

  • The UPC - 1 Year On….
    • In a Q&A style introduction with Trevor we will reflect on what the first 12 months of the UPC has looked like and the extent to which this aligns with the predictions made in the lead up to the opening of its doors in June 2023. Is the UPC meeting up to its expectations and delivering on its stated aims?
  • Claim interpretation at the EPO and at the UPC:
    • Will there be a harmonised approach concerning claim interpretation based on article 69 EPC and the Protocol or will there be a divergent approach?
    • Current case law
  • UPC Costs & Remuneration
    • A look at the first PI cases
  • UPC interim proceedings
    • The aim of the UPC interim proceedings is to make all the necessary preparations for the oral proceedings. What can you expect?
      • When and under what circumstances will the interim conference take place?
      • What will be discussed and will you be informed about these issues beforehand?
      • What impact will the interim conference have on the future proceedings?

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