Green Advertising: current challenges and future outlook

Bird & Bird would like to invite you to our international webinar on the Do’s and Dont's of Green Advertising on 25 March. Green advertising - an umbrella term for any advertising, claim or other communication related to sustainability, renewable resources, recycling, so called ocean plastics, carbon footprints or similar - is of ever-increasing importance in today’s world.

Consumers are paying attention to the environment and evaluating the entire lifecycle of the products they are purchasing, from production to disposal. They want to preserve their own health and preserve the planet for future generations. Unsurprisingly, many products are advertised with various green claims in an effort to win the consumer’s favour. However, the use of such claims is highly regulated and a lack of compliance can lead to the removal of non-compliant products from the shelves.

In our webinar, we will:

  • give an outlook on European initiatives on green advertising;

  • showcase the current legal situation in selected European countries;

  • give practical guidance on opposing non-compliant uses by competitors; and

  • highlight actions of the UK CMA as well as ongoing litigation in France

If there is a particular question you would like us to address during the webinar, please do let us know in advance.

The webinar recording is now available here. 

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