We can offer you an exciting position as a graduate trainee, an opportunity that will kick-start your career at the practice of an international law firm.

You will gain practical and relevant business experience in one or more of our areas of competency. In addition, you will also build up a professional and social network.

Junior Associates

As a junior associate, you will work in one or more of our core areas.


Kick-start your career in an international law firm and gain insights and competencies in solving various commercial challenges for some of the world's most innovative companies.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our business culture promotes involvement as a breeding ground for success — we aim to support and make a difference to our employees, our clients and our society.

We know that an inclusive culture and diverse workforce make us more innovative and dynamic. We know that we should never underestimate the ability to think out of the box and to find inspirational solutions. That is why we strive to remain curious, try to avoid having a silo mentality, and work in international teams. By letting our employees have a say in things, we give our clients access to a world of expertise.

We are committed to treating everyone with kindness and respect, and to creating an environment in which everyone can be themselves, and can develop themselves in all phases of their career.

Global D&I


We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact.

We make a conscious effort to minimize our environmental impact through responsible management of our buildings and offices, minimising the amount of waste we produce, ensuring that disposal is carried out in a responsible manner and that waste is recycled whenever practically possible.

Read more about our sustainable initiatives.

Global Sustainability

Pro Bono

We give back. And we are passionate about obtaining justice for those who need it most.

As lawyers, we have a social responsibility, and we often spend time on pro bono and volunteer work to help individuals and organisations by contributing legal expertise, competencies and the resources it takes to advance their causes.

Global pro bono

Corporate Social Responsibility

We work for good causes not only in the communities and society we are a part of, but also within the legal profession in general.

CSR means a great deal to us, to our clients and to our society. That is why CSR is an important part of our global strategy. We are a forward-looking company and take a great interest in the world around us, and the new trends that are constantly developing. We work with ambitious clients, who make ambitious choices. Choices that will have a great impact on our society, the way in which we do business, and the way in which we live. As a company who genuinely supports CSR, we believe that we really can make a difference.

We collaborate with our clients on creating initiatives that make a difference to our society. Our employees dedicate time to volunteer work, just as we work together with charitable organisations across the whole world to achieve the greatest possible impact.

Global CSR

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Bird Benefits

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Our 50/50 approach to working at the office and working from home allows you to find the right balance and do your best.

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Strengthen your career and your personal development through our development programmes — from global mentoring to customized coaching courses.

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Build up a wide range of technological and business skills as well as an in-depth understanding of a number of business-related issues through our technology-based training courses.

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A world of opportunities

We take your professional development seriously and help you and your career get off to a good start.

As a global concern, we work closely with colleagues from all over the world to provide our Danish and international clients with legal advice.

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