I would highlight the friendly, respectful and cordial atmosphere in our Warsaw office, as well as in all relationships with Bird colleagues across the globe.

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Working with top-tier professionals, who are devoted to providing the best legal and business solutions to their clients. Bird & Bird offers flexible working hours, effective work organisation during the COVID pandemic, and a real understanding of work-life balance. 
Dominik Hincz 

There are also numerous integration initiatives that make it easier to get to know each other and stay in touch, such as practice retreats, football tournaments and team building trips.

How has working at B&B enhanced your career?

Changing the environment from a Polish law firm to Bird & Bird allowed me to sail the high seas of international business. It also created an opportunity to work in cross-border teams and tackle many interesting issues from the perspective of various jurisdictions. And for the first time in my career, I have found true leaders who I can learn from, who make me feel part of the team, and who support me in my professional development each day. 

A piece of work you undertook at B&B that you were particularly proud of?

One particularly memorable project was representing a client from the financial sector in a complex, international arbitration proceedings, that required multi-surface strategic planning and extensive legal effort in order to secure enforcement and protect the final award from being revoked by the state court. Succeeding at each stage of the dispute was certainly something to be proud of.

Apart from leading disputes in state courts and courts of arbitration, I have also participated in negotiating and closing several, multi-million-dollar industrial deals on behalf of our key client, who is a leader in the energy sector in Europe. Reading in the newspaper about an investment you have helped come to life was a real thrill.