What’s going on? Demystifying the impact of megatrends in the world economy

Marvin Gaye posed the question best – what’s going on? With inflation at an all-time high, ongoing political instability and a potential recession looming, we demystify the current megatrends affecting the global economy and the resulting impact on technology businesses and their people.

Our international panel shared their insights on these discussion points:
• The macro-economic outlook - Senior Associate, Furat Ashraf in conversation with Mehreen Khan, Economics Editor at the Times, considered the key events and circumstances that led us to the current situation, what we can expect in the coming months and the longer-term outlook for the business world.
• Adapting to the pressure - Senior Associate, Will Bryson in conversation with Ronald Hendrikx, Partner and Co-Head of Tech & Comms Group, UK and Deirdre Kilroy, Partner, Ireland. Here our experts outlined some of the key trends we’re already seeing in the way international companies innovate, scale and grow and where business opportunities and challenges are likely to arise in the time ahead.
• Managing your workforce - Partner & Co-Head of International Employment Group, Ian Hunter in conversation with Nancy Hauge, Chief People Experience Officer at Automation Anywhere and Pattie Walsh, International Employment Group Partner. In this session our experts discussed some of the key strategic considerations for global tech companies from a people perspective and how best to ensure your workforce remains engaged and flexible in an ever-changing business landscape.


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