The next generation of cellular connectivity will enable great advances in enhanced mobile broadband, massive machine type communications and ultra-reliable low latency communications. Those operating in this area require an understanding of cutting-edge technology, the new business models it enables and the complex framework of regulatory, commercial and IP issues that will need to be navigated in order to roll out 5G enabled devices and networks.

As a global market leader in the telecommunications sector we are already advising clients on legal issues surrounding deployment of 5G. However the implications of 5G connectivity go well beyond telecommunications and will be felt in many other sectors including transportation, manufacturing, energy, healthcare, media, entertainment and sport. Bird & Bird is in a unique position to be able to combine deep industry expertise in these sectors with an understanding of the transformative nature of 5G connectivity and the opportunities and challenges involved in deploying it. Our expertise includes:

  • Advice on the acquisition and utilisation of spectrum to enable the deployment of 5G New Radio;
  • In-depth and cross-border knowledge of telecommunications regulation and its application to the technologies which will underlie the transition from an EPC environment to a full 5G core;
  • Advising on the acquisition and deployment of virtualised network functions and the cloud based infrastructure on which they will run;
  • Advice on data protection issues arising from the data generated by 5G connected devices and cross border data flows enabled by cloud based core network infrastructures;
  • Advising on IP licensing strategies and disputes in relation to the technology underlying the 5G ecosystem;
  • Real estate, commercial and competition law issues associated with the deployment of the 5G RAN; and
  • Advice on liability and cybersecurity issues arising from the adoption of 5G connectivity in IoT devices and for mission critical applications.

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