Wellness is one of the world’s fastest growing industries with the global market valued at $4.5 trillion annually. It covers the spectrum of physical, mental and nutritional health and is woven throughout major consumer segments of fitness, nutrition, beauty, tourism and technology. It's fast paced, with regional and segment specific differences. Few appreciate its complexities and pressures.

At Bird & Bird we were the first law firm to connect the dots and recognise Wellness as a standalone market and we remain the only firm committed to providing tailored legal & commercial advice to the Wellness industry.

Working with businesses at all stages of growth, investors and policy makers has given us unique insights into the challenges presented by this industry, at both macro and micro level. We have the knowhow and experience to seamlessly work alongside your team to tackle legal and commercial issues and guide your business on its growth journey. Our tailored Wellness project plans ensure clarity on deliverables and visibility on cost, ensuring your legal spend is as efficient as possible.

We can help you anticipate trends, pro-actively spot issues before they develop, expand your network and take advantage of new opportunities, helping you put together the pieces of the puzzle and drive your business forward.

Our support is wherever you are in the world, whenever you need us. We are proud to offer a free 30 minute consultation to businesses in the Wellness industry – please contact us via this form or our dedicated email address to arrange a time to discuss.

It all starts with a conversation.

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