The hotel sector is changing. Consumers' attitudes, expectations and demands are ever-shifting. Opportunities for international brand recognition are enormous. Sustainability is important as never before.

At Bird & Bird, we have an industry-leading breadth of international expertise across the sector that sets us apart from our competitors. Whether you are an owner, operator, investor, developer or funder, the depth of our legal know-how, combined with our commercial knowledge, is key to our approach in delivering your objectives.

Our dedicated team of hotel sector specialists sets us apart from our competitors, who often see hotel work as something else: an investment transaction; an M&A deal. Our practitioners have years of experience and are dedicated to understanding and working in the sector on a full-time basis.

We know how unique and complex the development of your business is. Working with us will help you on that journey. It all starts with a conversation.

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Hotel insolvency

Hotel insolvency – why is this time so different?

We were joined by hotel sector experts to discuss the key issues surrounding hotel insolvency. This included a panel discussion with senior leaders within hotel finance and corporate real estate, who shared their views on the ways in which hotel businesses could structure their thoughts and actions to minimise the potential pain and maximise the potential opportunities an insolvency could bring.

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How will the business change in the new landscape

How will your business change for the new landscape?

It is becoming something of a cliché to state that we are witnessing 5 years of change in just a few short months. Research states that sustainability will be of even greater importance as we re-emerge from the pandemic. This refers to not just environmental sustainability but also social, cultural and economic. Expectations too have changed, and there is real momentum to see meaningful change in work patterns, in diversity & inclusion, and in how businesses behave.

We were joined by a number of exceptional speakers from across the hospitality industry to discuss these issues and ask the question - how will your business change for the new landscape?

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Are hotels good value

Are hotels still good value? 

How are buyers assessing hotels and the risks of owning managed vs. leased hotels? We are joined by different stakeholders who share their latest thinking, and discuss current and expected trends in hotel values.

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The cost of reopening whos paying

The cost of re-opening: who's paying? 

We are joined by industry experts to explore how hotels can plan for financing the re-start, including cash flow scenario planning, working capital considerations and funding options.

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life after lockdown 3

Life after lockdown: key questions of the moment for the Hotel sector

Can hotels once again become destinations in F&B? Will new services emerge? Will more hotels have ghost kitchens? How hard will it be to re-engage teams?

These were just some of the questions discussed by a distinguished panel of experts who were originally brought together for the “The road out of lockdown” conference recently hosted by Bird & Bird, EP Magazine and HVS. 

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The ROad Out Webinar screenshot

The Road Out - unlocking the potential of the hotel sector webinar – Wednesday 10 June 2020

We are joined by a number of leading figures to discuss essential issues concerning F&B, finance, investment & cash flow, and post lockdown reopening strategies for the hotel sector.

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Key considerations for employers in the Hotels & Leisure sector

In the first video blog, sector head Karen Friebe speaks with Employment Associate, Alison Dixon, who provides insight into some of the issues currently facing employers in the Hotels & Leisure sector.

Please get in touch with Karen or Alison if you have any questions.

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