Data incidents, in particular data breaches, require fast, experienced and knowledgeable response, most likely on an international level. Bird & Bird's global Incident Response Service provides the professional support your company needs in these situations and will guide you through the challenges of a breach, unauthorized access or any other data emergency. 

Our Full Incident Response Service

Our Incident Response Service covers everything you need in case of a data breach or even before, i.a.: 

  • Incident response planning
  • Emergency assistance anywhere, anytime
  • Incident management
  • Highest quality legal expert guidance
  • Notifications to authorities and individuals
  • Contract management
  • Remediation support

Our Full Incident Response Service

1. Incident response plan

While incidents cannot be planned in advance, the response can. A proper incident response plan not only is a legal requirement in many countries, it is the advance management of a crisis that has not happened yet. We have the international experience and the local expert knowledge to support you in creating a tailored incident response plan that addresses the specifics of your business and provides the safety you want in case you ever need it.

2. 24/7 emergency assistance

With offices in 21 countries and a field-tested network of data incident specialists around the globe, Bird & Bird's incident response team is in your time zone, offers one-stop support for wherever the incident occurs or whatever region might be affected, in numerous languages, 24/7 availability guaranteed.

3. Incident management

Experienced incident management considerably mitigates the consequences of a data incident. Our incident management support is based on team know-how, experience, best practice strategies and the 

guidelines of the various authorities. It encompasses e.g. immediate actions to block the breach, measures against dissemination of material, team work with IT forensics, alignment with authorities and public intelligence, communication support to minimize reputational damages, as well as protective measures against fines or private claims.

4. Highest quality legal expert guidance

Besides being truly international privacy experts, our incident response specialists deliver the profound local law knowledge and experience that is of significant importance as the legal framework on data incidents varies substantially worldwide. They also provide trusted relationships with the respective data protection authorities, which is a key asset in successful data incident management.

5. Data breach notifications

Notification requirements vary substantially around the globe, not only on deadlines for the report of the incident, but also referring the content of the notification and certainly the language. We will help you determine whether there are notification requirements to be complied with in a specific incident, which authorities in what countries are to be notified and when, which local notification procedures apply and whether the information needs to be extended to affected individuals. Our team members draft and file necessary notifications in most relevant languages, avoiding unwanted delays on translations.

6. Contract management

A data incident might also trigger contractual obligations vis-à-vis your network of customers, suppliers or other 

business partners. We can support your evaluation of affected contractual relationships and the obligations you might have, in particular time-sensitive breach reporting duties. Our highly scalable capacities guarantee timely review of even very large numbers of agreements in most languages.

7. Remediation support

It is not over when it is over. Remediation support is an important part of our Incident Response Service, including but certainly not limited to all kinds of possible litigation or conflict settlement, subsequent communication with authorities on investigations or challenging of fines and the implementation of additional technical and organizational measures to protect your company against recurrence.


Our Promise

You can reach our incident response team via a dedicated email address any day, any time. One of our worldwide specialists will get back to you for immediate assistance in no time. The emergency assistance provides first guidance on the action plan, identification of internal people and external resources to be involved, check deadlines and initiate the necessary steps to be taken locally and internationally. 

Our Incident Response Service will give you the comfort of having access to 24/7 guidance through the challenge and being supported by one of the largest international privacy teams in whatever kind of data incident you may have to respond to.

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