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CyberBox is a multidisciplinary task force led by Bird & Bird that provides a complete support solution to clients who are addressing the risk of cyber attack.

CyberBox focuses not only on providing the most skilled level of response to a cyber incident but also on the development and implementation of cyber resilience programmes to support clients' regulatory compliance requirements and to significantly improve their capability to respond to and mitigate the effects of a major cyber incident.

Our approach

How we deliver a staged and structured plan:

  1. Assess & Fix: We will work with you to assess the risks and your preparedness, provide 'quick fixes' to achieve improved protection and, where desired, certification. We can help you to develop a comprehensive cyber communications plan to ensure you are well placed to provide timely response if an incident occurs
  2. Improve & Protect: We will help you implement proportionate security enhancements, plans and training
  3. Manage & Monitor: We will keep you abreast of emerging threats and requirements and regularly review your plans to ensure they address the emerging risks
  4. Respond & Defend: We are on stand by to support you through any incident

Bird & Bird operates CyberBox as a joint venture with six other firms (S-RM, Paragon, Finsbury, CybSafe, Smartgate Solutions and The Inkerman Group) who lend their expertise in all non-legal areas.


  • You receive an integrated, bespoke solution, instead of turning to separate advisers and experts.
  • We support your cybersecurity resilience planning in a holistic way.

If you'd like to know more about twoBirds CyberBox, please contact Simon Shooter.

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