If your business ambition has no limits, why should your organisation have to be stuck in one place? Our Business Immigration team can provide bespoke advice to help unlock global possibilities. 

We are experts in advising clients on business immigration and global mobility matters. 

Our clients range from large corporate powerhouses to SMEs and start-ups, covering a range of sectors including technology, manufacturing, retail, financial, sports, pharma and film. 

We recognise that immigration matters can be extremely stressful; however, with international collaboration at the heart of what we do, we work together as one firm to facilitate seamless international expansions, temporary and permanent relocations and expatriate talent management, always providing attention to detail and exceptional client care.

We can help you with:

Business Immigration

We can assist with work visa applications for both employees and dependent family members; sponsor licence applications and compliance; right to work checks and prevention of illegal working; immigration advice arising from mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, venture capital investment and liquidation; and provide Brexit-related advice.

Global Mobility

Immigration is often used synonymously with mobility, yet we recognise that they are separate (albeit related) legal disciplines. We have a truly dedicated Global Mobility practice which provides our clients with access to our team of lawyers and specialists who can advise across all elements of Global Mobility projects. This will often start with an analysis of the most appropriate immigration permission but will then draw upon other practice areas; including preparing appropriate employment documentation to properly manage the relationship between “home” and “host” companies, considering the impact of a relocation on equity arrangements and understanding corporate and personal tax issues. We can also put clients in touch with various external service providers to ensure that a mobility mandate offers a seamless experience for internal relocation professionals and expatriate talent such as payroll providers, employer of record companies and benefits consultants. 

Strategic Advisory

We’re born problem solvers. When you need to address complicated immigration queries, we offer bespoke surgery services at all stages of people planning, talent management and succession planning.

You’ll benefit from our strategic view of how Government regulations are enforced in practice. We’re forward thinking and we scan the horizon for potential immigration issues that can arise from corporate restructuring, acquisitions, or de-mergers.

Immigration Compliance

We can assist you with bespoke risk management strategies to reduce the risk of illegal working, while meeting broader immigration and mobility obligations. Our mock audit provides an unbiased assessment of your HR systems, providing you with specific action points to identify and control your risk factors.

We are also one of the few law firms where we have an in-house consulting arm, providing additional support for our clients looking for expertise on regulatory compliance management, business strategy, organisation change management and post-merger integration. 


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