Työperäinen maahanmuutto

Asiantuntijatiimimme avustaa kaikissa työperäiseen maahanmuuttoon liittyvissä asioissa monikansallisista yhtiöistä Hollywood-tähtiin.  Tarpeet ilmenevät usein nopeasti ja vahvuutemme on löytää kuhunkin tilanteeseen parhaiten sopiva ratkaisu - myös kiireellisellä aikataululla.

The competence group includes lawyers from all our offices in Europe and Asia. We work closely with experts from different countries on customer projects, ensuring seamless and high-quality service and in-depth local expertise, regardless of the country of origin or destination. At the beginning of the projects, we map out possible challenges and risks, after which we think about the solution that best suits each client's goals and schedule. Our services also cover solutions and advice related to tax issues, social security, labor law and administrative matters.

We are proud of our long-standing customer relationships, which shows us that we have succeeded in providing efficient and flexible solutions. Our operations are based on clear and adequate communication, short response times and practical legal advice.

Our services cover:

  • visa, work permit, residence permit, immigration and citizenship issues, as well as other immigration-related application issues and reports
  • dealing with immigration authorities and advising on both strategic and day-to-day migration issues;
  • customer-specific instructions
  • international immigration controls
  • advice in cross-border M&A.

The group is led by Ian Hunter , London and Benjamine Fiedler , Paris. In the Finnish office, the group is led by Maisa Nikkola.

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