About Me

I am a Senior Consultant in the Forensic Services team, specialising in investigations, computer forensics and eDiscovery projects.

Our team works closely with all practices in the Bird & Bird global network and provides comprehensive services for financial abuse investigations, white-collar crime, and litigation by using innovative technology and thorough investigative methods.

Since 2020, I have been supporting businesses in Poland and abroad across different sectors by providing business advice, including analysing, identifying and preventing fraud and abuse.

I have participated in over a dozen investigation projects that involved obtaining and securing data from computers, phones, and other electronic devices. I was responsible for conducting a thorough analysis and review of the data collected. I have analysed financial data, public tender data, and open-source data to uncover potential disparities.

My expertise lies in identifying and combating various types of abuse, notably corruption, actions that harm companies, collusion in public tenders, and unfair business practices.

Before joining Bird & Bird, I worked with a forensic team at a Big 4 consultancy and in the financial services sector.


  • Undergraduate degree (Bachelor's) - University of Katowice, Faculty of Finance and Accounting
  • Postgraduate degree (Master's) - University of Warsaw, Faculty of Management, Finance, Accounting, and Insurance

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