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I am an experienced real estate and tenancy lawyer in our Danish Corporate team. I have worked with both professional and private clients and I am therefore able to provide advice on various levels.

I advise both professional real estate investors, municipalities, private landlords and the financial sector, which means that I am trained in advising and meeting the client at whichever stage the client is in.

I work with all types of legal matters within real estate as well as commercial and residential tenancy law and assist, among other things, in the purchase and sale processes, in the conduct of legal proceedings and other dispute resolutions, the development of property projects and negotiation of contracts, etc.

I have experience in running real estate companies and foundations owning real estate, both as a business manager and a board member. As a result, I have gained a commercial approach in my advice and at the same time it has given me practical experience in the management of properties, which is useful in both the purchase and sale of properties, but also in the negotiation of leases and dispute resolutions.

My experience with commercial tenancy law is gained through advice provided to both tenants and landlords, which gives me the strength in negotiating balanced contracts that give the parties a foundation for their future partnership. At the same time, it gives me great and useful insight when resolving disputes between parties.

Furthermore, I have experience with residential tenancy law from my employment in a company based on property management. I therefore advise on residential tenancy law and conduct legal proceedings before the courts on e.g., the value of the lease, determination of rent, remodeling processes, physical defects in the leased property, etc. I also have experience with advising cooperative housing and owners associations.

When buying and selling real estate, I assist both in the due diligence processes where my practical experience with the running of properties as well as my experience with the residential and commercial tenancy law bring great value. I also assist with the rectification of the transaction and the practical elements of the transition in ownership.

I have an informal but straight-to-the-point style when advising clients, and my purpose is to solve the client's inquiries in a manner which provides value to the client on both the short term and the long term.
  • Assisting on various real estate transactions, e.g. land plots, blocks of rental flats, commercial properties, both as regular sales but also as a M&A process
  • Conducting cases regarding residential tenancy law, e.g. regarding setting the right level of rent. I also won a case against a Danish municipality regarding the new rules in section 19(3) of the Danish Rent Act, according to which the municipality must give their accept if the landlord will renovate and rent out the apartment pursuant to the rules in section 19(2) of the Danish Rent Act
  • Drafting and negotiating of commercial lease contracts, e.g. for shops, offices, storerooms and boxing properties
  • Assisting client in selling attic space and transforming it into apartments, including the drafting, negotiating of the contract and ensuring that the contract is fulfilled, establish an owners' association and notifying the lease-holder in the building about the lease increase


  • University of Copenhagen, LLM Law
  • University of New South Wales, International law and legal studies


  • The Danish Bar and Law Society in 2016

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