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As a partner in our Regulatory and Administrative Practice Group and international Aerospace, Defence and Security as well as Technology and Communications Sector Groups, I advise on major IT and telecoms projects, from TETRA radio and digital control systems to telematics.

I am a specialist lawyer in procurement law, providing expert legal, project management and litigation advice to public authorities and private companies in sectors as diverse as defence, security, traffic and transport, research and development as well as IT and telecommunications. My practice areas encompass information technology, telecommunications, procurement, public and contract law, foreign trade, export controls and compliance.

Primarily I advise public authorities and companies on large-scale infrastructure projects in the telecommunications and IT sectors. Specialising in federal and state-level public procurement procedures for the assembly and operation of digital radio and defence technology for German security authorities, I also advise on projects regarding the introduction of the electronic health insurance card, including the development and operation of telematics in the German health sector, modernising the public data network, mainframe systems and research as well as military technology procurements. In addition, I advise companies on compliance, national and EU subsidies as well as public business and administrative law issues.

As well as contributing to seminars and lectures, I also write and publish judicial essays on public and procurement law.

You can watch my videos on YouTube, where I talk in greater detail about the following subjects (the videos are in German):

Selection and exclusion criteria in the tender procedure (Eignung und Ausschlussgründe im Vergabeverfahren);

Modernisation of procurement law – innovations for security-specific contracts (Vergaberechtsmodernisierung – Neuerungen für sicherheitsspezifische Aufträge);

Procurement Law update – The sub-threshold procurement regulation „Unterschwellenvergabeordnung" (Neues aus dem Vergaberecht – Die Unterschwellenvergabeordnung);

Freehand tenders – When can contracting entities invoke special urgency? (Freihändige Vergaben – Wann können sich Vergabestellen auf eine besondere Dringlichkeit berufen?);

Delimitation of different criteria in the tender procedure (Abgrenzung unterschiedlicher Kriterien im Vergabeverfahren);

Cybersecurity – industrial espionage in the age of digitisation (Cybersecurity – Wirtschaftsspionage im Zeitalter der Digitalisierung);

Negotiation procedure – more flexibility in procurement through the latest ARC (Act against Restraints of Competition) amendment (Verhandlungsverfahren – mehr Flexibilität in der Beschaffung durch die neueste GWB Novelle).
  • Key municipal IT services provider: Comprehensive contract, procurement, and IT law advice in connection with the procurement of DMS systems, technical infrastructure and the digitisation of files.
  • International IT service provider: Provision of comprehensive procurement, commercial and IT law advice regarding software licensing contracts, IT security measures and costs/price checks according to public price law.
  • Higher Regional Authority: Comprehensive procurement, commercial, IT, telecommunications and data protection law advice for the acquisition of telecommunication surveillance systems.
  • Institute for telematic applications: Provision of procurement, IT and administrative law advice regarding the implementation of the electronic health insurance card, including the development and operation of telematics in the German health sector.
  • Leading provider of software solutions: Procurement law advice and representation of a tenderer in a procedure for the procurement of software licenses and products for the entire federal Administration.
  • Leading provider of software solutions: Procurement and administrative law advice and representation of the company as a joined party in a procurement review procedure and several administrative court proceedings (VG [Administrative Court], OVG [Higher Administrative Court]).
  • Multiple federal states in Germany: Comprehensive advice and provision of support in connection with complex negotiation procedures for the procurement of hardware, software and services for the construction of communication and control centres, and geo-information systems for police and other authorities.
  • Multiple federal states in Germany: Comprehensive legal and project management advice for procurement and contracting for a digital radio's hardware, software and services to security authorities and organisations.
  • Public transport services: Comprehensive contract and procurement law advice on EU-wide procurement proceedings for the supply, licensing and modernisation of tram cars.
  • Public transport services: Providing the contracting authority with procurement and environmental law advice in connection with the procurement of articulated buses under particular consideration of the environmental properties and the respective emission levels for the vehicles as well as the administrative and environmental requirements of EU, municipalities and courts.
  • Public transport services: Procurement, contract and grant law advice on the procurement of innovative electric buses.


  • Studies of law and economics at the University of Osnabrück


  • Admitted to the German Bar in 2007
  • Specialist lawyer for procurement law since 2016
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