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I am Counsel in our Dispute Resolution team in Lyon and advise on a range of matters from business crime cases to unfair competition law.

Acting before the Courts of First Degree and the Appeal Courts, I also advise on civil, commercial and criminal cases, as well as on issues of unfair competition and termination of business relations.

I have developed significant experience in litigation in civil and commercial matters, distribution law, commercial or contractual liability, or in disputes between partners. I also act as a drafter of sui generis contracts, amicable termination of commercial leases or specific clauses of residential leases.

This experience combines well with the cases in which I am involved including construction law, builder liability or litigation relating to the management of the real estate portfolio of the social landlords I assist. My experience helps me to be flexible in criminal litigation, particularly when the liability of the manager is involved or when damages are suffered by our clients.

What sets me apart from another lawyer and what sets our team apart from another firm is our perseverance and inventiveness. My flexibility and character make it easy for me to adapt and discover new areas to achieve the results my clients need.

Often, cases are considered to be classified by subject matter and are put into 'boxes', where the same rules and legal mechanisms are applied, so there is no effort to find a better solution or a solution that adapts to the client's real needs. In reality, each case is unique, just like each client, there is no standardisation and when a dispute doesn't fit into a 'box' or isn't formatted, there is no better challenge for me than to find the optimal solution for my client which will allow them to carry on their business as usual.

I like my job at Bird & Bird because of these cases, which require an ability to adapt and innovate. Clients evolve, as do their requirements, so their lawyer must evolve at the same time.
  • Imposing on a world leader in franchising, who was asking for an immediate closure of my client's establishment, to continue commercial relations for several months by order of the Court.


  • Lyon Bar School, CAPA
  • CEIPI Strasbourg, Master Degree, Intellectual Property Law, International Trade, Distribution, Competition, Contracts
  • Université Pierre Mendès-France - Grenoble II, Master Degree, Company law, business lawyer, business law, company law, labour, accounting


  • Lyon Bar (2012)
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CĂ©line Gasser is very responsive and always available. She has a particular approach to dealing with subjects which makes it possible to put forward a global strategy in order to achieve the objective that we have given her. She dissects the subjects so much that she manages to turn the tide.

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