As a lawyer in public law, I have specialised in public procurement and regulatory law. In my daily work I advise national and international companies as well as the public sector in highly regulated industries such as healthcare and public transport.

In the healthcare sector, I am experienced in designing procurement projects with complex requirements as well as in supporting bidders in award procedures for innovative technologies. I am particularly specialised in advising on market entry, especially for innovative technologies such as mHealth. It is important to me to make the complex requirements of the legislative framework comprehensible for new market participants. In this context, I advise on the classification of medical devices, the implementation in the remuneration system of statutory health insurance and related compliance issues. In the pharmaceutical sector, I draft the relevant contracts, such as Clinical Trial Agreements.

In procurement law, I advise across all sectors. My focus is on innovative procurement procedures, advertising campaigns and IP-related tenders. I also advise on contract and procurement law for IT tenders. I advise both bidders and public authorities which sharpens my awareness of the essential requirements in each of these consulting fields. My experience with tender proceedings by European institutions and the corresponding litigation completes my expertise in procurement law.

I regularly publish articles on public procurement and health issues with a special focus on Digital Health. I am co-author of the book 'Guide to EU Pharmaceutical Regulatory Law'.

  • Developing and defending tender models for indication based patents, open-house tenders and other innovative projects for statutory health insurance companies
  • Regulatory advice for non-European manufacturers of medical devices regarding their market entry in Europe
  • Comprehensive advice for bidders in complex major tenders in the healthcare and public transport sector
  • Drafting and reviewing of Clinical Trial Agreements, Informed Consent Forms and Payor contracts
  • Legal Studies at the University of Cologne
  • Legal clerkship at several international law firms in Germany and Hong Kong
  • Admitted to the German Bar (2013)