Bird & Bird supports first of its kind global diversity initiative in gambling industry


Bird & Bird's Gambling group is working with the betting and gaming industry to tackle the issue of diversity and inclusion on a global scale with a first of its kind initiative, the All-in Diversity Project. 

Led by partner, Andy Danson, the team is providing legal support to the All-in Diversity Project - an industry-driven initiative which aims to benchmark diversity, equality and inclusion across the global betting and gaming sector. As the primary resource for all data relating to diversity and inclusion across the sector, the All-in Diversity Project aims to measure, and facilitate an open and objective discussion about diversity across the entire industry on a global scale.

The initial objective is to establish an industry standard index designed to be the definitive benchmarking tool for the sector to measure the current landscape and from there the roadmap for future change and progress.

The project will provide a year on year progress update, highlight successes, challenges and opportunities, and make best practice recommendations in areas such as corporate governance, internal policies, recruitment practices, equal pay, employment legislation, unconscious bias and marketing.  

Kelly Kehn, Co-Founder of the All-in Diversity Project says: “We established the All-in Diversity Project because we believe the industry itself has a role to play in improving how we do business. We believe the best way to push the industry forward, is to create the tool for all businesses globally to use in benchmarking their own diversity initiatives… And we can’t fix what we can’t measure first.” 

Whilst gender diversity is a hot-topic for many sectors right now, according to fellow Co-Founder Christina Thakor-Rankin, “The All-In Diversity project is not about pushing quotas or agendas. It’s about acknowledging that the expectations and aspirations of the next generation of employees and customers is very different to ours, and understanding that if this industry is to be able to attract and retain the employees and customers of the future it needs to start making changes now”.

Other strategic partners include Odgers Berndston, Clarion, Betting Jobs and Gaming Recruitment Partners. The initiative has launched a website and social media campaign and is working to register participants for data collection. 

Andy Danson, head of the gambling practice at Bird & Bird, says: "We are delighted to support this initiative, and to work with the gambling industry to improve its diversity, equality and inclusion. These are core issues, right now, for all industries, and we are proud to be able to help the All-in Diversity Project shine a light on those areas where improvement is needed, and help bring about positive change."         

Elizabeth Dunn, Senior Associate in the gambling practice at Bird & Bird, says: "I'm thrilled that we are supporting the All-in Diversity Project and am looking forward to working together not only to promote greater diversity, equality and inclusion but also to celebrate the fantastic women already working in the industry."