Our Danish offices participate in Singularity University Copenhagen's event on Exponential Organisations and disruptive technologies

By Martin von Haller Gronbaek


Led by partner Martin von Haller Groenbaek, a team of lawyers from our Danish offices are brainstorming how we can help our clients with the legal aspects of developing the exponential aspects of their businesses.

Exponential organisations – or ExOs – have a number of characteristics that enable them to have an output or impact that is minimum 10x that of traditional companies. This enables companies to create billion dollar industries in a tenth of the time it took 20 years ago. An example of an exponential organization which achieved this is the communication platform Slack.

At the end of January 2016, Martin von Haller Groenbaek participated in a cutting edge session on exponential organisations hosted by SingularityU in Copenhagen. The event focused directly on enlightening and developing the exponential aspects of a company's business.

The goal of the Danish team is to position Bird & Bird as a major player in the legal counselling of both larger public and private companies alongside start-ups who are interested in developing exponential aspects of their business. This will be made possible by highlighting the legal issues that may arise when clients wish to create a company built on exponential thinking or transform existing companies into exponential organisations.

You can find a link to the SingularityU invitation here.