Reports of Trade Mark Cases for CIPA February 2020

By Katharine Stephens, Thomas Pugh, Louise O'Hara, Megan Curzon, Matthew Vance, Thomas Hooper, Katie Rimmer, Olivia Bowden, Henry Elliott, Jonathan Edwards, Rebecca Slater, Justin Bukspan, Katie Tyndall, Robert Milligan, Mark Day, Louise Vaziri Zanjani, Hilary Atherton


In this month's report, we look at the long awaited CJEU decision on the validity of broad trade mark specifications in Sky plc & ors v SkyKick UK Ltd & anr (Case C-371/18). We also look at Hacon's J's judgment on the invalidation of the three dimensional 'Babybel' shape mark registration in Fromageries Bel SA v J Sainsbury plc* (Hacon J; [2019] EWHC 3454 (Ch))

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