Horizon Scanning V01

In the past six months the world has taken a turn that none of us could have predicted. COVID-19 and the tragic death of George Floyd guarantee that the workplace and indeed the workforce will never again be quite the same.

COVID-19 has cast the world into a deep recession but its effects are not uniformly felt either by geography or sector. Some sectors have been adversely impacted, in the case of hospitality and airlines severely, yet in the IT sector and the world of digital finance it is a story of opportunity and growth. For some employers the priority is cost cutting, for others it is talent attraction and expansion.

In our latest edition of Horizon Scanning we look at the global trends influencing the HR and employment law agenda and how all this is being impacted by COVID-19. The topics covered include:

  • Providing a safe place of work
  • Business continuity
  • What the workforce of the future may look like
  • Workforce relations and employee activism
  • Business protection strategy
  • Equality and diversity
  • Global mobility

We have also prepared a jurisdictional guide to legal changes we anticipate over the coming months across the EU and APAC with a 'traffic light' code to help organisations prioritise attention to them.

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