To OTT or not to OTT? That is the (currently unanswerable) question

By Heston Aniteye, Richard McMorris, Rebecca Lewis, Matthew Standen


In the second of our articles in the Tessellate series looking at how technology, media and sport are intersecting, Heston Aniteye, Richard McMorris, Rebecca Lewis and Matthew Standen survey the past, present and future of the over-the-top ("OTT") broadcasting market.

The rapid uptake of OTT services has revolutionised the way that content owners and producers deliver content to audiences.  We are now at a point where there is so much focus on how to build and operate the most successful OTT service that it’s difficult to remember quite what prompted this revolution in the first place.

This article looks at how we got here, how new players in the market may become increasingly significant and how they, alongside their traditional pay-TV counterparts, might leverage new technologies to engage audiences.

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