Webinar: 'To employ, or not to employ, that is the question'


This webinar explores the blurred lines of employment in the gig economy. Nathalie Devernay, Catharina Klumpp and Kate Hurn, members of International Employment Law Group, discuss the laws surrounding this ever-evolving hot topic across France, Germany and the UK respectively and the extent to which they accommodate or hinder the implementation of less traditional working patterns and arrangements.

The webinar is chaired by Pattie Walsh, head of our Employment Practice in Asia-Pacific, who offers commentary on how this trend is affecting businesses operating across the Asia-Pacific region.

Language: English

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International Employment Law Webinar Series

This webinar is part of a bimonthly series developed by Bird & Bird's International Employment Law Group focused on hot topics and key legal developments affecting the HR community. Each webinar will be delivered by a multi-jurisdictional panel of employment law experts from across our network of offices, providing local insight and practical advice on what steps businesses need to take to stay ahead of the game.

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