Women in Tech: At the forefront of innovation - Key takeaways from Emma Sinclair MBE, EnterpriseAlumni

We are delighted to launch our new Women in Tech series, where we will hear interesting stories from inspirational people leading the charge at the forefront of innovation.

In episode 3, we hear from Emma Sinclair MBE, Co-founder & CEO of EnterpriseAlumni, and creator of the #BeMyAngel investment campaign, which highlights the longstanding lack of investment into women, and is activating pools of capital in response.

Interviewed by International Business Development Manager Eila Legge in London, Emma outlines the gender funding gap and the need to democratise access to tech investing. Emma also discusses how her #BeMyAngel investment campaign comes in as part of the solve, and how others can get involved to support female-led teams. 

Listen to the podcast here and read our key takeaways from the podcast below. These takeaways highlight the broader societal implications of addressing funding disparities in tech investing, Emma’s journey, and her mission to support female founders. 

  • The Funding Gap: Emma highlights the stark gender funding gap, with women receiving only about 1.8% of venture capital funding, emphasising the need for proactive measures to address this disparity.
  • Importance of Activating Angel Investors: Emma stresses the need to activate more people, especially women, to become angel investors to support female-founded businesses.
  • #BeMyAngel Investment Campaign: Emma's campaign aims to address the significant funding gap for female founders by encouraging angel investment in female-led ventures.
  • Democratising Access to Tech Investing: The campaign seeks to democratise access to high-growth tech enterprises, enabling broader participation in investment opportunities.
  • Role of Crowdfunding: Emma aims to normalise crowdfunding, even for B2B businesses like hers, as a means to support female founders and promote diversity in investment.
  • Alumni Engagement: Emma discusses the importance of alumni networks in extending investment in people beyond their tenure at a company, fostering a sense of community and support.
  • Challenges as a Business Leader: Emma acknowledges the challenges of running a business, including talent acquisition, scaling operations, and fundraising, particularly as a female leader in the tech industry.
  • Personal Background & Journey: Emma credits her father's influence, particularly their daily routine of playing financial games during their commute, as a foundational aspect of her interest in finance, and her career journey. She leveraged this interest to secure internships and eventually launch her career in the financial sector.
  • Reflection on Success: Emma emphasises that success is subjective and a continuous journey, expressing humility despite her numerous accomplishments.

Women in Tech - At the forefront of innovation podcast series

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