Cyber Resilience Act, NIS2 and CER Directives: current status and what multinational companies need to do to prepare for

Companies globally are striving to keep up with a progressively demanding cybersecurity environment. We are witnessing a trend of increasing regulation in this area, with EU Member States now working on the transposition of the NIS2 and CER Directives into their local laws. These pivotal cybersecurity legislations will apply from 18 October 2024 and will impact a wide range of businesses including data centres, healthcare, cloud, as well as trusted service and communications providers.

Importantly, the national implementation of the NIS2 and CER Directives may be of relevance not only for companies based in the EU but also for entities outside of the EU that provide services or carry out their activities in the EU. It is anticipated that NIS2 will influence cybersecurity standards beyond Europe.

We organized two webinars designed to address a worldwide audience. These sessions delve into the implications of the NIS2 and CER Directives, as well as the nearly finalized Cyber Resilience Act, and their impact on companies operating beyond the borders of the European Union. In these sessions our legal experts provide an overview of the current status of implementation for the NIS2 and CER Directives across the EU. We also examine the main provisions of the Cyber Resilience Act and share our insights on how to approach these key pieces of cybersecurity legislation to be well-prepared in a timely manner.

If you operate in the EU and are concerned about how the new cybersecurity requirements affect your business, this webinar will be invaluable.

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APAC focused session 

US focused session 

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