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When the chips are down: Allocating short supplies in times of crisis

Semiconductors are in short supply. Companies from virtually all sectors, including most notably electronics and automotive, are struggling with meeting customer demand. In response to the crisis. Many have taken a pro rata approach to allocating short supplies, i.e. the remaining quantities are allocated proportionally amongst all customers, based on the customers’ forecasts. While sharing the pain seems intuitive in times of crisis, the competition law risks, as well as opportunities, involved seem underexposed in the current debate.

This article provides answers to some of the most pressing competition law questions surrounding the current chip crisis and advocates a more flexible approach to dealing with it.

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Legal challenges surrounding the current chip crisis – an overview

Webinar recording

10 February 2022 13:00-14:00

Companies from virtually all sectors, including most notably electronics and automotive, are struggling to meet customer demand in the current chip crisis. While sharing the pain seems intuitive in times of crisis, companies often overlook the legal risks and opportunities involved in allocating short supplies.

Based on experience obtained particularly in the automotive sector in Europe, Stephan Waldheim, Philipp Egler and Gian Marco Rinaldi will analyse the legacy (pro rata) and alternative allocation methods, and classify the associated risks from a contract and competition law perspective.

Issues discussed in this webinar include:

  • Does the shortage of semiconductor chips entitle a party to invoke a force majeure clause?
  • In times of shortage, is allocation the answer?
  • Price increases during a shortage – how to react?
  • When shortage becomes a competition law issue – risks, opportunities & best practices for suppliers and customers

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When taking the lead may become problematic – Lead registration programmes under scrutiny

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ACCC will not oppose Turnitin’s proposed acquisition of Ouriginal

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Czech Republic

Publishing average hourly rates breaches competition rules

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For more information contact Vojtěch Chloupek or Jiří Švejda


Damages in follow-on actions: more accurate assessments ahead

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Quantitative restrictions in e-commerce agreements: Amazon and Apple fined for more than EUR 200 million by the Italian Competition Authority

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The largest Polish wholesaler fined for unfair use of its contractual advantage

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The Dutch Competition Authority ends its investigation into a possible wage-fixing cartel between Dutch supermarkets

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Year-in-review - Spanish competition law in 2021

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The UK

More clarity on the future UK VABEO for supply chain agreements

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Podcasts, Webinars & Events

Competitive Edge The Podcast

Episode 3: Key changes of the Draft EU VBER

In this 10-minute podcast competition counsel Päivi Tammilehto (Helsinki) and senior associate Ariane Le Strat (London) discuss the key changes set out in the draft EU VBER (Vertical Block Exemption Regulation) which will come into force in May 2022, upgrading the terms of safe harbour available to supply chain agreements across the EU.

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Webinar - France - The European Commission updates its distribution regime

La Commission actualise son règlement en matière de distribution: ce que vous devez retenir

13 January 12:00 - 13:00 CET

Our Paris-based partner Thomas Oster and senior associate Claire Burlin will walk you through the changes and opportunities arising out of the EU Commission's
recently published draft Vertical agreement Block Exemption Regulation (VBER) and accompanying guidelines. 

The focus will be on how businesses can adapt their distribution agreements to seize opportunities under the new regime while remaining compliant with competition rules.

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Webinar - Italy - The European Commission updates its distribution regime

Revisione della disciplina europea delle intese verticali: quali novità in arrivo per le imprese?

Save the date: 27 January

Our Rome-based partner Federico Marini Balestra and associate Lucia Antonazzi will hold a webinar in Italian on the changes and opportunities arising out of the EU Commission's new draft Vertical agreement Block Exemption Regulation (VBER) and accompanying guidelines.

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Congratulations to our senior associate Candela Sotés Macaya, who was listed in the Inaugural Edition of Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch in Spain in the EU law category.

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