Rethinking Business In The Age of Artificial Intelligence

There isn’t a single industry, organisation or value chain that is immune to the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. We are accelerating towards Industry 4.0 mindsets and structures. Artificial intelligence is enabling the creation of substantial value – if used correctly.

Bird & Bird have partnered with Black, a global design and innovation agency, to create Rethinking Business In The Age of AI, a first-of-its-kind report that provides companies and government entities a structured, effective roadmap for AI project implementation.

In Rethinking Business In The Age of AI, we first examine the case for artificial intelligence and how it might create value. We then look at insights from the Middle East region, with a focus on UAE and Saudi Arabia. We then consider the established methods of discovering and launching high-impact pilots.

Half of all of data created each day flows to less than 100 companies. Many companies and government entities are already starting to feel left behind. Artificial intelligence requires a new way of thinking, decision making, and execution.

Highlights of Rethinking Business In The Age of AI:

  • Conventional vs Successful Approaches to AI

  • UAE Implementation Timeline

  • Visualized Insights and Data on AI

  • From Artificial Intelligence to Applied Intelligence

  • AI Implementation Roadmap

Rethinking Business In The Age of AI can be downloaded from the Black website here.

From more information on the legal challenges, opportunities and risks posed by Artificial Intelligence, please contact David Bintliff, Lena El-Malak and Chris Eklund.

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