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Continuing your Competition Compliance training programme when people are working remotely

Fines for competition law violations have spiralled to unprecedented heights in recent years and an increasing number of countries have introduced criminal sanctions for serious competition law violations. Furthermore, in a moment when the COVID-19 pandemic is changing our personal and work lives on a daily basis, lack of social interaction may make it tempting to, e.g., reach out to former colleagues and acquaintances now working at competitor companies. However, organisations should be extremely cautious about the risks this may involve as case law is very strict – even when contacts take place in an informal setting.

More than ever, it is a must for companies to have robust procedures in place that ensure competition law compliance by their management and staff, and the cornerstone of a good compliance programme is training. We are living through difficult times with many employees working from home, but training can continue nonetheless.

How to continue training your employees

eLearning programmes are a particularly effective training tool since they offer homogeneous training to all employees independently of where they are located and at a time most convenient to them. Moreover, they enable the company to track and measure participation and learning results, while providing a flexible, cost effective and environmentally friendly solution.

The Bird & Bird eLearning solution

Based on extensive experience in developing and delivering competition law compliance training, our experts have designed a suite of interactive and entertaining competition law eLearning courses. Developed in cooperation with a leading eLearning development company, our courses focus on the most important topics that employees need to be aware of:

  • Dealings with competitors
  • Supply and distribution agreements

For companies that hold a strong market position in certain areas we also offer a short (15 minute) module on

  • Dominance.

Each course is divided into short modules and explains what your company’s employees need to know about competition law in just 30 minutes or less. The courses are available in several languages and can be customised upon request.

More information about our eLearning solution can be found here.

View short demos of the eLearning courses here.

The eLearning courses can be customised to fit your company's specific needs.

Our eLearning tool is part of Bird & Bird's twoBirds Client Solutions, an online portal designed to help clients comply with the latest regulations. Other services include our Dawn Raid App, a compliance tool designed to guide businesses through the essential information they would need in the event of a dawn raid by antitrust authorities (available in English and French) and a Dawn Raid Game, an online game that tests the user's preparedness for a dawn raid by antitrust authorities (available in English, French and Japanese).

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For more information please contact the co-heads of the Competition & EU Practice Group Pauline Kuipers or Morten Nissen or your local Bird & Bird Competition law contact.

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