BirdWatch - Sixteenth Edition

Welcome to the 16th edition of BirdWatch - our regular newsletter to keep US businesses informed on the latest developments in Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

Our focus is International HR developments, and the ever-changing workplace issues faced by organizations across the globe. We recently launched our Ethical Workplace series which brings together a variety of legal experts and different voices to discuss the evolving legal landscape and the increasing pressure on employers to demonstrate their commitment and credentials as an ethical business.

Our updates include initial guidance from the European Data Protection Board on data transfers, EU plans for a human-centric AI framework, a corporate approach to sustainable financing, luxury brands addressing consumer demands to reprioritize values, and an overview on the regulatory and legal exposure which may follow a data breach in Singapore.

Our upcoming events include a Diversity Monitoring webinar, a View from the Frontline: Year in Review webinar, a webinar on Direct-to-Consumer retail trends, a webinar exploring Bribery & Corruption in M&A transactions, and our sponsorship of #GetOnBoard week to help launch women leaders into board seats.

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