Fourth Update on Myanmar New Trade Mark Laws – Soft Opening of Online Filing System to commence in December 2019 January 2020

Further to our earlier note on the upcoming Soft Opening in November 2019 (linked here), we are writing to provide further updates below obtained from various Myanmar sources.

Current Registration System

The Ministry will announce a final date for registration of marks under the current system at the Registry of Deeds. Marks registered before this deadline will be deemed as existing registrations that may be accepted for re-filing (see further below). Marks registered after this deadline will not be accepted for re-filing during the Soft Opening period.

As a scanned and stamped Declaration of Ownership is required for submission during re-filing, it appears that a pending mark under the current registration system will not qualify for re-filing. Only registered marks with stamped Declaration of Ownerships will be accepted.

Pending the final date announced by the Ministry, it is imperative that applicants who have not registered their marks under the current system do so as soon as possible, unless there has been actual use of the mark in Myanmar.

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