Setting up a business in the Netherlands

Investing in or through the Netherlands is attractive for a number of reasons.

  1. Flexible company law;
  2. The Dutch tax system has a number of features that may be very beneficial in international tax optimization;
  3. It has an international business environment;
  4. It has superior logistics and technology infrastructure (the Netherlands is classified as one of the most ‘wired’ countries in the world) and the Port of Rotterdam is the world’s third largest seaport, while Schiphol Airport is recognised as one of Europe's major business hubs;
  5. Its strategic location allows it to serve markets within Europe, the Middle East and Africa;
  6. A highly educated, flexible, multilingual and motivated workforce;
  7. Member of the EU and the Euro group; and
  8. A high standard of living, maintaining an affordable life for its residents.

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