EU wholesale electricity market design – our one-page summary

On 18 December 2018, the EU institutions held the last in a series of "trilogue" meetings to finalise the text of the last two key elements of the Clean Energy Package – the recast Regulation and Directive that will replace the 2009 legislation. 

Other elements, including the recast ACER Regulation, were finalised earlier in December.  The compromise text of the recast Regulation and Directive was published on the EU Council website on 11 January 2019.  

The text is subject only to minor language revisions and final sign-off by the Parliament and Council, and we can now see the shape of the EU wholesale electricity market from 2020. 

The new rules are significantly more detailed – the recast Electricity Regulation has 65 Articles to replace the 25 Articles of Regulation 714/2009.  The Regulation and Directive in particular are intended to create a level playing-field for all types of generation and demand response, to enhance the integration of electricity networks and markets across the EU and to reflect developments in areas such as data and cyber-security.  

Our one-page graphic summarises the key elements of these new rules.

Please click here to download.

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