Satellite Bulletin May 2017: Publication of the Polish Space Strategy

The Polish Space Strategy was published in February and is being implemented by a number of stakeholders interested in developing the economy and the space sector in Poland.

The Polish Space Strategy ("Strategy") was published on 17 February 2017, and is currently being implemented by the Minister of Development and a number of governmental and non-governmental stakeholders. The Strategy sets out the following goals to be implemented:

  • Increase the financial contribution to the optional ESA programs up to 150% - 200% of the compulsory contribution. This would allow Polish companies to engage in more technologically challenging projects.
  • Implement the National Space Program that would increase the TRL of Polish technologies, as well as further develop technologies acquired within the ESA projects.
  • Specify technologies that are most promising for the Polish space sector. The Strategy preliminary concludes that the space sector should focus on generic technologies (software development, optics, optoelectronics, precise mechanics, robotics, avionics, power systems, propulsion technologies, orbit orientation systems, and material technology).
  • Establish the Copernicus satellite data reception station and a satellite data repository with data sharing capabilities in Poland. Further, specify the access rules for the Public Regulated Service of the Galileo system.
  • Launch the satellite system for optoelectronic earth observation to be used for gathering security data. The Strategy foresees the satellite(s) to be launched by 2024.
  • Develop the concept of the Space Situational Awareness System, as well as the Space Surveillance and Tracking System. Engage in the SST support framework in 2017-2018.
  • Facilitate private sector investments and establish the ESA Business Incubator Centre.

The Strategy does not, however, describe the funds needed to achieve its goals and the financial benefits from its implementation, nor does it include any quantitative measures required to monitor success.

Since the Strategy was published, the Polish Space Agency has created the Polish Space Industry Information System, and the Industrial Development Agency has announced the second edition of its program for the development of space industry personnel. Further, Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa, Thales Alenia Space Polska and the Warsaw University of Technology, plans to create a platform facilitating joint work on Polish space programs.

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