Will going global make or break your business? Accessing international markets can bring huge potential, but it's a journey that requires careful consideration. 

As an organisation you need to understand what's feasible, what business model will be most effective and where your brand, services and products will thrive.

How? By creating a fit-for-purpose roadmap for growth and understanding the unique challenges and benefits that each jurisdiction will present. 

Ensuring that your international expansion meets its full potential requires strategic clarity, structured planning and familiarity with the regulatory and practical necessities of each country you're considering. Without this, your brand could suffer, you could incur significant penalties and your venture may not deliver the returns you're seeking to achieve. 

Bird & Bird can provide the range of expertise and insights you require to expand your business into new global markets, from business model design and corporate structuring to local regulatory requirements and restrictions.. 

We hope our jurisdiction by jurisdiction guides to setting up a business are a useful starting point, providing details on:

Franchising and Commercial Agreements

You will need to consider the most appropriate and effective growth strategy to support the global expansion of your business. 

If you are considering alternatives to corporate expansion, our leading international franchise, distribution and multi-channel strategies team can help you strategically plan the most efficient and risk-free approach to your international expansion.

We will work with you to develop innovative and sophisticated structures to fully enable you to maximise every opportunity and execute your ambitious growth plans.

As part of the strategic expansion process, we can help you not only with structuring, documenting and negotiating your business arrangements, but also with the management of those ongoing relationships.

Choice of Legal Entity

Careful consideration must be given to the type of legal entity your business utilises. This will depend on the current structure of your company, which will vary by country.

Your entity decision will need to account for the tax and legal standing that’s most beneficial to the future of your business. 

To help your breakthrough innovations reach new markets and customers you will need to understand how employment laws could impact operations abroad. Our extensive guides give full details on all this, and more.

Commercial Contracts

Access to commercial contracts of various kinds will define how you approach your business abroad. 

Many countries give freedom for companies to collaborate and form licensing and distribution agreements. These will be crucial to ensuring the progression of your IP. You need to know the options you have available. 

You also need to be aware of any industry-specific laws that could impact your business. Our experts will help you identify the contracts you should be targeting.

Why are these important? It means that together we can help you protect and promote your company’s interests overseas.

Real Estate

Your business premises can help you forge an empire. Whenever you’re expanding into new territories, a solid foundation is vital. 

Will you buy or lease? How will you fund your real estate? What collateral is required? Who is responsible for fitting-out your premises? Your business needs to know all of these answers. At Bird & Bird, we have them. 

Our teams extensively research the laws and conditions in each country we deal with, enabling you to make an informed decision.

Data Protection/Privacy

Data protection is more important than ever. The recent introduction of GDPR laws means that consumers are given increased protection. As a firm, you need to be accountable. 

Failure to comply with data protection and privacy regulations can have serious implications. As your client base expands, your company needs to be prepared. 

We’ve worked tirelessly to provide our clients with comprehensive guides covering the legal and technical aspects surrounding data privacy. This detail means you will be fully compliant as you enter new territories.

Intellectual Property

Your brand and IP are central to penetrating global markets. However, you need to adequately protect your breakthrough innovations. 

Whenever you enter new regions, you will need to register your business with the relevant authorities. Whether this is the Trademark and Patent Office, or through other means, you have to secure your brand’s identity. 

With our insight, we can help you safeguard the true value of your IP as you approach new markets. 

Below, you can find our in-depth guides to a broad selection of countries. With our expertise, we can help you realise your goals of expanding your business internationally. 

Defining your Growth Strategy

When pursuing international expansion a promising concept is just the first step, and success in one country does not guarantee that the same formula can be replicated elsewhere.

Building a high-performing overseas business requires important decisions and actions to be taken. All too often these are approached in an unstructured manner, without the strategic clarity, detailed planning and implementation framework that is required. 

Our consultancy arm, OXYGY, provides the strategic planning, business model design and project implementation expertise to help you define a fit-for-purpose roadmap for growth.  

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