Government programmes: managing your supply chain risks

23 June 2020

16:00 - 17:30 BST

As businesses emerge from the COVID-19 lockdown, they are entering untested waters. While having to deal with the legal effects of the crisis, they must also review and restructure their contract terms in order to meet new challenges and deal with weaknesses that the pandemic has revealed. There is also a new insolvency bill which if enacted will have massive implications for suppliers to insolvent companies. Nowhere is all of these issues more evident than in supply chain contract management.

This live panel will discuss the effective management of supply chains in the context of UK government contracting , with a particular focus on defence, infrastructure and technology projects. It will seek to provide insight into how supply chain terms and conditions across a range of topics might be addressed, insolvency issues relating to distressed suppliers and give tips on more robust drafting in a post COVID-19 world.

The session will cover:

  • Procuring authorities' approach to supply chain management: extending the benefit of public sector spending, supplier fragility, prompt payments - Stuart Carins, Partner at Bird & Bird 
  • Flowing down T&Cs to your supply chain: how to go about it with a focus on key terms (limitation of liability, warranties, liquidated damages, relief/compensation events, IP and escrow arrangements and financial distress provisions) - Mark Leach and Lizzie Reid, Partners at Bird & Bird 
  • A collaborative approach to conflict management - Wolf von Kumberg, Consultant at Bird & Bird 
  • Insolvency issues relating to distressed suppliers including the new Corporate Insolvency and Governance Bill 2020 which has massive implications for suppliers to insolvent companies - Joss Hargrave, Partner at Bird & Bird 

The event will be a forum for members of the aerospace, defence, infrastructure and technology industries to hear about the latest industry trends and developments, share common experiences and challenges and learn from others.

We look forward to hosting you virtually at what is sure to be a lively and engaging session!

Please feel free to forward the invitation on to any other colleagues who may be interested in attending.

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