Rebuilding economies in the midst of and post-COVID-19: What can businesses expect and do to navigate in this new era?

25 June 2020

11:00 - 12.30 (SGT)

With radical changes brought about by the long-lasting profound effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic to economies, markets, industries and daily life, what does it mean for businesses now and in the future? What do businesses need to do to prepare themselves for the current and post-COVID-19 era?

Join our speakers Anan Sivananthan, Jeremy Tan, Seow Hui Goh and Jolie Giouw as we discuss various emerging trends and the challenges to navigate in the current and post-COVID-19 era, and share insights on new opportunities for businesses.

In this live webinar, we will cover the following topics, with Q&A at the end:

  • Considerations when structuring corporate M&A deals - Force majeure/material adverse change provisions;

  • The move from globalisation to regionalisation/localisation for supply chains, as a result of the pandemic disrupting global supply chains - Legal considerations for contracts;

  • The shift to online and new consumption patterns that are reshaping business models in the current and post-COVID-19 world - Legal issues to look out for;

  • Technology to become the driver of the future economy: increased push for innovation and digitalisation of business models, products, services and processes -Cybersecurity/IP issues to consider;

  • The shift to remote working - Employment issues and risks/opportunities (employee monitoring, workplace safety and health, shift towards global contingent workforce) arising from remote working.

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You can watch the webinar recording here.

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