REMIT Webinar

06 May 2020

11:00 - 12:00 BST

The last 12 months have seen 6 new market manipulation decisions by national energy regulators – as many as they had issued in the entire period since they acquired enforcement powers in 2013. 

The latest decisions are geographically diverse, with decisions from Lithuania, France, Hungary (x2) and Germany, and, only yesterday, from the UK (imposing the highest-ever penalty), with regulators imposing penalties for a range of practices in gas and electricity wholesale markets, including "marking the close", layering and spoofing and sending false or misleading signals. 

ACER has also updated its guidance, and other authorities have issued useful guidance on capacity withholding and algorithmic trading. Regulators will also be alert to the unique circumstances presented by coronavirus.

Our webinar, on Wednesday 6 May, will examine these latest developments, and will provide practical guidance on their implications for wholesale energy market participants, PPATs and others – both for their trading practices and also for best practices in the event of an investigation. Participation will be free of charge.

Our speaker, Peter Willis, is well known as an expert on REMIT, and has advised numerous businesses on compliance as well as investigations and disputes.

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