German Term Sheet Generator Tool

Our Term Sheet Generator Tool uses the leading legal tech developer Bryter’s no-code platform to automate the production of a simplified Term Sheet for early financing rounds in Germany. The tool is a simple and innovative process that uses an interactive questionnaire to take organisations step-by-step through the process of producing a Term Sheet.

The Term Sheet Generator Tool condenses the process into a few key decisions, aided by quick links to key contract terms and guidance on appropriate drafting options. It saves time for legal counsel and reduces the risk of human error. The document automation allows it to produce a simplified version of a Term Sheet quickly, efficiently and accurately, acting as a starting point to talk to investors. 

The simplified version generated by the tool is not inclusive of all elements typically covered by a term sheet, focuses on the potential lead investor of a financing round, and does not replace legal and / or tax advice for its user. Currently, it is only applicable to financing rounds at German start-ups. 

The Term Sheet Generator Tool is free to use and is available here

What is a Term Sheet?

Venture Capital Term Sheets serve as the foundational agreements between startups and their investors, outlining the terms and conditions of the investment. The Term Sheet will form the basis of the definitive investment documentation (Investment and Shareholders’ Agreement). For more background please read our guide “Navigating Venture Capital Term Sheets: A Guide for Entrepreneurs” here.

We can also create a bespoke version for your organisation, which may include:

  • tailored clauses which reflect the discussions with your investors
  • easy integration with DocuSign to create an expedited, paperless execution process.

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