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OXYGY combines Bird & Bird legal advice with management consultancy expertise to help you future-proof your business for the changing competitive, technological and regulatory landscape.

Why? Because the issues you face are broad, and sometimes law is only one part of the answer. An effective solution requires a multi-disciplinary approach and a different way of thinking.

Operating from offices in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the USA, OXYGY will work with your business and legal teams to resolve commercial issues in four key areas:

  • Business Expansion: helping your businesses expand, realise value and unlock your growth potential, including international expansion, post-merger integration and business innovation programmes.
  • Digital and Data-driven Transformation: helping you leverage the power of digital technology and data, including data monetisation, business model transformation and web reputation management.
  • Operating Model Transformation: helping you build capabilities and improve operational performance.
  • Regulatory Compliance: helping you achieve compliance at the same time as improved productivity and efficiency, including designing and implementing agile compliance management frameworks. 

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  • By forming multidisciplinary teams, OXYGY provides you with a broader perspective on issues for which you would otherwise turn to two or more separate advisers.
  • On critical business projects, OXYGY is uniquely positioned to support you beyond the legal aspects.

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