Contracting for AI

While AI is often linked with robots and artificial humans in the popular imagination, the reality is that AI systems are fundamentally software. As such, many of the challenges that arise when contracting for these systems are similar to those encountered in ‘traditional’ software contracts. However, the unique nature of AI technology, its development and usage, necessitates a different approach to some of these challenges. 

Our experience shows that although AI contracts share many commonalities with traditional software contracts, the specificities of AI technology require a unique approach to many issues. For example, generative AI systems can create valuable outputs that may not necessarily be protected by intellectual property rights. Therefore, careful consideration must be given to safeguarding these outputs through contractual agreements.

To assist you in navigating these complexities, we have developed a comprehensive contracting for AI toolkit. This resource will guide you through the key considerations when contracting for AI, ensuring you are well-equipped to handle these challenges.

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