France Diversity & Inclusion

We believe in taking an active role in supporting our communities to make a difference.

The Paris office is a signatory to the Diversity Charter, a text that guides organisations to deploy concrete initiatives, and progress through innovative practices that promote diversity and fight against discrimination. This Charter contributes to the development of management that respects differences and is based on trust.

Social cohesion is a societal issue that must be supported by economic actors. With the Diversity Charter, organisations such as law firms show their ability to promote equal treatment and equal opportunities. They contribute to preventing and fighting against all forms of discrimination, because we believe that a responsible law firm is necessarily diverse.
Alexandre Vuchot, Managing Partner


As part of the fight against discrimination based on sexual orientation, Bird & Bird is a signatory to l’autre cercle’s LGBT Commitment Charter, a charter that commits the firm to ensuring that its practices do not discriminate against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender (LGBT) people, and that the benefits and rights granted in the context of lifestyle choices, conjugality, parenthood and health are well adapted and known to all employees.

We are very sensitive to the way Bird & Bird integrates this notion of commitment into the firm's activity. Beyond the philosophy of probono, there is a very enriching and motivating quality of listening and conviction that strengthens us in the relationship we have been building since the signing of our LGBT+ Commitment Charter and its internal application. 
Catherine Tripon, L’Autre Cercle’s spokesperson 

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