What does it cost?

Renewal fees

Unitary Patent renewal fees will be equal to the combined renewal fees of the top 4 countries where a traditional European patent is granted (Germany, France, The Netherlands and UK). Even though the UK did not become part of the Unitary Patent/Unified Patent Court system after Brexit, it has been decided not to change/adopt the previously agreed formula used to determine renewal fees.

  • Over the 20-year life of a Unitary Patent, the sum for the renewal fees would be in the region of €35,500


Court fees and Recoverable Costs

  • Basic infringement actions cost €11,000, plus a sliding scale value-based fee of €0 - 325,000
  • Revocation actions cost €20,000 (fixed fee)
  • Applications for provisional measures cost €11,000 (fixed fee)
  • Micro and small enterprises are entitled to a 40% reduction on all Court Fees (fixed and value-based) which are incurred at the Court of First Instance as well as at the Court of Appeal
  • Scale of recoverable costs range from €38,000 to €2,000,000 (depending on value of proceedings)