Do I need expert counsel?

Every lawyer who is authorised to litigate in a national court of the one of the 24 contracting Member States can also litigate in the UPC. So too can European Patent Attorneys who have obtained a special litigation certificate.  This new system adds a completely new dimension to patent enforcement in Europe that requires those companies whose businesses are impacted by patents to develop strategies for dealing with it. There are new options for forum shopping both among the various divisions of the Court of First Instance of the UPC as well as between the UPC and national courts. Both the substantive law as well as the procedural practice need to be developed. That calls for true in-depth knowledge and involvement in all relevant countries. We believe our position as the only law firm with highly regarded patent litigators on the ground in every major jurisdiction where there will be a division of the UPC puts us in a unique position to both advise stake holders on strategies and represent them before the various courts.

Our unrivalled position as Europe's leading experts in patent law – we are ranked in the top tier for IP across all the major directories and were named European Patent Contentious Firm of the Year at the Managing MIP Awards, as well as being recognised as one of the Leading Patent Law Firms in Europe by the Financial Times - means we are ideally positioned to advise you in this area.