Become a good global citizen

When you are challenging yourself to reorientate your organisation around ESG principles, you quickly find that this impacts all areas.  For many years, we have helped our clients achieve their ambitions as good global citizens through optimising organisational processes including energy, carbon and waste management, technology upgrades, outsourcing arrangements, re-engineering supply chains and embedding ESG principles into investments, financing, real estate and employment arrangements.  

We work flexibly and collaboratively across your organisation to help you achieve your strategic ESG goals.  This includes supporting your organisation’s ESG change management programme which we can do in conjunction with our consulting arm, OXYGY.

Recent work highlights

  • We advised The Confederation of European Paper Industries on how to cooperate within their trade association on developing new sustainable solutions for the entire industry, without risking breaching EU competition law. We assisted the trade association on making submissions to the EU Commission with their input on how competition law can be adjusted to allow for more cooperation, which would lead to increased sustainability. We assisted with several workshops and creating operative guidelines for the client.

  • We advised several international Retail & Consumer brands on imposing obligations on their supply chain service providers to comply with pledges and commitments in respect of sustainability targets, such as increasing use of electric vehicles, reducing or offsetting carbon-footprint, and minimising and eliminating waste.

  • We advised a leading healthy snack producer in a marketing and advertising litigation against a competitor for misleading advertising, including greenwashing.

  • We advise public and private sector organisations across hundreds of sites on innovative projects that increase choice, control and certainty through a diverse range of green energy generation, storage and charging technologies and resource efficiency / productivity solutions that reduce consumption and re-use and recycle (including as an on-site energy source).